Makana O Kauai means, “The Gift of Kauai”. The beautiful shallow coral reefs surrounding our islands are home to 25% of all of Hawaii’s marine life. These coral reefs are the foundation species for the entire marine ecosystem and are truly a gift that we rely upon for enjoyment and life here in Hawaii. Experience the most personalized VIP Scuba experience on Kauai with Makana O Kauai Scuba Adventures. Kauai Scuba Adventures offer private as well as group guided Scuba and snorkel tours.  If you are interested in a tour customized to your level of experience and personal interests the private tour is recommended. If you enjoy meeting and diving with new people the group tours are recommended.  Group tours range from 4 to 6 divers on the dive tour.  Allow Kauai Scuba Adventures to create fun and unforgettable Scuba experiences for you in Kauai’s spectacular underwater world!

Your Instructor Scott has extensive knowledge of Kauai’s unique underwater ecology. During his friendly and informative briefing he will teach you about some of the amazing marine life you may encounter such as the Giant Green Sea turtles, butterfly fish, dragon eels, frog fish, octopus, nudibranchs and Unicorn fish. Once underwater he will happily introduce you to all of these underwater friends and you will be amazed by some of the interesting characters you get to meet.

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Shore Dives

Shore dive depths ranging from 20 to 60 feet deep.  These near shore reefs are home to many of the small beautiful tropical fish, corals, and giant green sea turtles.  We have permits to dive at two shore dive sites on Kauai, the famous shore dive Makua (Tunnels) on the North Shore, and Koloa Landing on the South shore.  The dive site will vary depending on ocean conditions.

Tunnels is famous for the underwater topography and reef formations such as lava tubes and caverns.  It is also possible to see some unique marine life such as eagle rays, octopus and Giant Green Sea turtles.  Diving at Tunnels is highly dependent up on the ocean conditions.  The best months of the year to dive at Tunnels are from April through September, however if there is a calm day between October and March, it can be fun to dive there as well.  Due to permit restrictions, Tunnels involves walking about 400 yards back and forth down the beach to enter and exit the water.  Please keep this in mind as it can be physically demanding to make this walk in the sand.

The second shore dive is Koloa Landing a shore dive on the south shore. This is an easy walk in entry with lots of fish, turtles and other marine life.

We have coolers with snacks, juice, water to enjoy during our surface interval.

Boat Dives

While our standard dives are shore dives, if you are a certified diver interested in some amazing boat dive tours we can accommodate for that as well. As these are private charter tours we contract with boat companies to make the tour an exclusive trip. Pricing will vary depending availability and what type of boat charter you prefer. As this is more involved please inquire well in advance and we will provide you with a few different options. Complete payment for boat tours is due at the time of booking and will be non-refundable.

No Certification Required

That is correct! No certification is required to go on a Scuba tour with an Instructor. Your Scuba adventure includes a short educational class about how Scuba works, skill practice and a guided Scuba tour. This Scuba experience is called “Discover Scuba Diving.” Participating in the “Discover Scuba Diving” training provides you with the basic information needed to be safe and enjoy your first underwater adventure with a Scuba Instructor. Although our Group Discover Scuba Diving experience is great, we do recommend our Private Discover Scuba Diving experience as it is ideal for first time divers. As you will be the only students, you can relax and get comfortable Scuba diving at your own pace.

If you are ready to do a "Discover Scuba Diving" tour, please first review the Medical Questionaire page from the main menu "Medical" tabs at the top, then give us a call to make your reservation at 808-482-0683.